Tokyo Chameleon

just some random photos from Japan that i found looking through folders today. some of these are pretty low quality because i took them on my old softbank phone. click pics for more info!

Reverse culture-shock and thoughts about Japan

I returned to America back in late December, and of course I’ve missed Japan since I’ve been back in the states, but I wasn’t really hit by it until a few days ago.

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Shisa of Okinawa! I loved all the different styles of Shisa I saw around the island, so I took many pictures of them. Dec 2012.

Anonymous said: What is your school called? Are there more like it? I'd love to go to school in Japan for a year, that'd be amazing!

i go to Temple U, and from what i’ve heard there really aren’t many… other schools like this here. i think this is the biggest one, and it’s the one everyone suggests if you want to go to an english college in japan. i know the program here allows people from other colleges to join, so you don’t have to be a Temple student to study abroad. you should really look into it! i highly recommend it  :D

Anonymous said: What are some TV shows that you've watched that you really enjoy? Any awesome anime shows that we should keep an eye out for? Is there a actual channel for lewd shows or is that a lie?

im not sure about the lewd channel thing.
i haven’t really been watching much TV (hardly any actually). and not really anything… japanese. my friend and i have fun watching the disney channel and cartoon network here and switching the langauge between english and japanese. we kinda just watch terrible shows and make fun of them, but it’s all american crap so… yeah. sorry to disappoint you lol!

dragonvcat said: Hay Seel! me again, Eat anything weird recently? like, REALLY weird? maybe bugs or someform of food you'd never seen before?

when people ask me what weird things i eat i’m never really sure what to say, because people interpret weird things differently. some people think octopus and squid is weird enough, but that seems pretty normal to me and most people i know. yes i have eaten both since i’ve been here.

uhm, but i guess… i do really like eating entire shrimps? like tails, legs, and heads. everything. i love how it tastes, and i’m kind of addicted to it. i love the crunchiness.

weirdest thing i’ve eaten recently though, last week i ate a chicken heart. it was strange. it kinda just tasted like the rest of the chicken (like a really flavorful piece of skin or something), kinda chewy. didn’t have that usual organ flavor that most organs have.

augh sorry it’s been ages since my last update!! school has been getting kinda nuts. i feel like i hardly have any free time. studying for japanese quizes/tests takes up most of my time, and since the commute to and from school is about 2 hours there and back, it makes me feel like i have less time lol.

i don’t think i can really say everything i’ve done since my last major post, but hopefully these photos are self explanatory for those moments.

i was able to make friends with a guy, Danny, from my drawing class.. he’s lived here for a few years and i’ve been hanging out with him, and he shows me all the COOL THINGS. i feel like i’ve kinda graduated past the “WOOO FOREIGN TOURIST” mode and more into an integrated feel, haha. doing less touristy things and more normal person things. and it feels better   e_e
a few weeks ago he invited me to his share house to make pound cake and hang out, and it was just a nice experience being able to hang out with some Japanese people. i bonded with one of his housemates over the show Bones, lol. i mean, since i’ve been here i’ve either just been by myself, or hanging out with Tatsu (or other AMERICANS) and it’s just really refreshing getting away from that for a bit, i guess.

also i was able to order from a mcdonalds, and i understood the lady when she asked what i wanted to drink  T3T;  but i was too afraid to answer lol. so i guess my japanese is getting a little… better?? i’m already looking at old posts i’ve made and feeling stupid about some things i’ve written in japanese. augh.

yesterday after class Danny invited me to hang out with him and a group of his Japanese friends… apparently they do an “arcade night” every now and then. it was… interesting  XD   they don’t speak much english, so interacting was interesting! we all seem to share interests though, and they were really nice. one girl (Sakura?) is really good at playing those UFO catcher games and won Danny a cute pair of pink alpaca earmuffs. we all played a bunch of Jubeat/Pop’n Music/MaiMai/Sound Voltex together, i had a blast   T-T

hung out with Danny today in Kamata and renewed my phone’s prepaid plan (it ran out like 2 weeks ago, lol). got to experience purikura for the first time, too. IT WAS PRETTY FUN?? i’ll have to post pictures of it later! but it made our eyes super big, it was STRANGE.

augh ok sorry this post is all over the place, i’m tired and just trying to get words/thoughts out. GOODBYE FOR NOW I GUESS.

Anonymous said: Have you've gone to any public bathes or hot springs?

not yet, but i will! i’m way too shy to go by myself, haha. i’ll be going on a trip to Hakone and then to Kansai later this month, and i think our group is making a stop at some onsens. so i’ll be able to update on that soon, hopefully!

Anonymous said: I heard cellphone can do some cool things over there, like watch TV & buy stuff from vending machines.

pretty sure they can. i don’t have a fancy phone like that, but i’ve seen people with some on the trains here. i don’t think i’ve seen anyone buy anything using their phone though… but you can buy stuff with your train pass! usually at a vending machine or konbini.

dragonvcat said: Long time no see! couple questions! 1! How is the internet speed in japan? I've heard mixed reviews from "even the bad companies are good speed" to "It's horrible." Question 2! what are the semesters like in japan? and what sort of holidays do you get?

hey there! internet speed seems pretty good actually? the places i’ve used it it’s been totally fine. i haven’t used it for playing games or anything though so i can’t really speak for that, but i’ve had absolutely no trouble with anything else. there was one time the internet was out for a bit at the dorm, but it didn’t last long.
and the semesters don’t seem much different from how they are in the states. then again, i AM going to an american school, the campus just happens to be in japan! i’m not sure what the japan colleges are like here. there are quite a few more holidays it seems, though? like so far we’ve had days off for “national health sports day” and “respect for the elderly day.”